One of the smartest ways to ensure the health of your practice is to put sensible routines into place. Our accounting, tax and payroll services are designed to help you keep your finances in the best shape possible for the long term.

Accounting — Unlike other accountings firms, we do most of the legwork. We take as much off of your plate as possible, by coding your monthly transactions, issuing financial statements and ensuring your books meet regulatory and tax guidelines.

Tax Preparation & Planning — An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We help you meet your filing deadlines, minimize your overall tax burden and stay in compliance with current tax laws specifically related to dental professionals.

Payroll — There’s more to payroll than simply issuing checks. From taxes and withholding to benefits and returns, our turnkey, web-based payroll utilities offer the same advantages as national payroll services, at a much more reasonable price.